Scholarship Advisors

Public Notice: The Texas Cyber Summit is a IRS: 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization and as such adheres to a strict ethical, moral and a purpose driven mission. The Board of Directors established the “Scholarship Board of Advisors” on January 2nd, 2020

Scholarship Board of Advisors provide guidance and advice on those that have submitted an application, or were nominated by a business or entity, and are interested in receiving a mentorship, monetary, certificates, learning credits, scholarships and grants. The process is a double-blind, then through a final – single weighted peer reviewed, by the Board of Directors and the Executive branch.

Scholarship Board of Advisors serve a 1yr term from January 25th to the following year, around the same date/time of the 25th, and are nominated by the community, Executive Officers committee and elected by the Board of Directors. They are selected based on experience, diversity, expertise and deep understanding of the industry. Advisory members report to the Executive Officers team, President and Vice President who in return report to the Board of Directors. The Board of Advisors has no authority or legal involvement in the operations of the Non-Profit and merely provide advisement, guidance, diversity, wisdom, and experience to the Officers and the Corporate Board of Directors. The Scholarship Board of Advisors receive no compensation, no in-kind trades or funds of any kind whatso ever. Advisors serve a one year term at the pleasure of the Executive Officers, and from time to time my themselves resign, whereas new members will be selected solely at the discretion of the Executive Officers.

Thank you to our Esteem 2021 “Scholarship Board of Advisors”