Capture The Flag

Texas Cyber Summit’s 2021 Capture the Flag! is proud to be hosting the StormCTF for the 4th annual. This CTF will be focused on beginner/intermediate levels. Players are encouraged to put their hacking skills to the test in this event. You will be tasked with different challenges such as Web Application exploitation, Encoding/Encrypting reversal and more! Be sure to register soon!


Village: Capture the Flag
Contest Type: CTF
Twitter: @texascyber, @StormCTF
Maximum Participants: 1000
Pre-Conference Sign-Up: Yes
Days Active:
10/29: Starting Around 9:00AM
10/30: Until around 5:00 PM
Participant Type:
Participant Skill Level:
Prizes: 1st place Black Badge  /2nd Prize – Free 2022 Tickets to TCS  /3 prize – Wifi Pineapple
Ability to run Kali or Parrot OS

Register here: REGISTER