NetSfere is a secure enterprise messaging service and platform from Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc. NetSfere provides industry-leading security and message delivery capabilities, including global cloud-based service availability, device-to-device encryption, location-based features, and administrative controls.     The service is also offered in partnership with Deutsche Telekom GmbH, one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, […]


RedKnight Specializes in IT security. Though the adage may be old, it has never been clearer that “freedom isn’t free.” RedKnight’s mission is to provide security solutions that will work to preserve the American way of life. Our devotion to both discretion and improvement by calculated adaptation is integral as we provide innovative solutions to […]

MixMode is an AI Cybersecurity platform for threat and anomaly detection that utilizes self-learning AI to identify advanced threats in any environment.   MixMode can detect the full spectrum of known threats as well as unknown and never-before-seen threats like zero-day attacks. In addition, MixMode helps the world’s best security teams increase efficiency and innovation […]

Binary Defense

Binary Defense is on a mission to make the world a safer place through enhanced cybersecurity.      


We’re the leading platform for search-powered solutions, and we help everyone — organizations, their employees, and their customers — find what they need faster, while keeping applications running smoothly, and protecting against cyber threats


Fluency is behavioral detection across your entire infrastructure providing notification when prevention fails. Each time you receive a phishing attempt or a fake voicemail, it should act as a reminder that Microsoft 365 and other cloud services are insecure. Attacks, like stolen credentials, can only be detected by behavior. Fluency excels at behavioral detection.