Reverse Engineering from zero to reverser

Juan Sacco


  • Juan Sacco
  • Reverse Engineering from zero to reverser
  • $500
  • 1 Day
  • October 27-28
  • 9:00AM
  • Hands-On Zoom

Speaker Bio:

Juan Sacco is a Pentester, OSCP, Ethical Hacker, Linux Specialist (15+ years ), Exploit Writer and Reverse Engineer, worked at Core Security, NOD32, Homeland Security (ARG), ING Nederland, KPN Red Team and others financial and security related organizations.

Reverse Engineering from zero to reverser

Learn how to do reverse engineering from scratch using tools like IDA, Ghidra, Radare and GDB. Antidebugging techniques, Assembly, Scripting ( Write your own scripts! ), Reversing and Exploit development, and much much more!

We will cover Windows (PE) , Linux (ELF) and .NET!

Detailed outline:

– Basics of Reverse Engineering
– Solving Linux and Windows crackme’s
– Understand Windows API’s
– Identify Entry Points, Main and WinMain functions
– Analyzing using Function Graph and Function Call Trees
– Function Call Graphs
– Creating Functions
– Converting data types
– Editing function signatures
– Cross referencing function calls and strings
– Patching of binaries
– Reversing applied to Exploit Development
– Antidebugging techniques