What is a Village ? Robert & Kirsten's enthusiasm and mindful approach toward discovering security related concerns within automobiles, for the good of the industry and the safety of the public, is contagious. The primary goal of the Car Hacking Village is to build a community around discovering weaknesses and exposing vulnerabilities that could significantly impact the safety and security of all drivers and passengers on the road today.  Educating security researchers on the functionality of vehicle systems coupled with providing them with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working side by side with experts in this field is a plus for the attendees.   Leveraging the vast amount of experience the security research community brings to the Village may increase the safety and security of vehicles on the road today and for generations to come. Breaches of automotive systems have been in the forefront of the global media for more than a year.  Wired and wireless exploitation of vehicle systems has become a critical safety concern for the automotive industry, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Congress, the Department of Homeland Security, and consumers. Car Hacking Village plays an important role for researchers interested in the safety and security of the more than one billion vehicles on the road worldwide.  In 2015, over 16.5 million vehicles were sold in the United States.  On average, motor vehicles are driven over 15,000 miles annually and consumers spend upwards of 730 hours per year in their cars.

Car Hacking Village